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Free Download Kasumi Rebirth v3.2 FULL

Feel the flash hardcore - Kasumi: Rebirth v3.25 is the Upgraded version of the most popular Adult Simulation Flash Game Kasumi Rebirth v3.1, This time, loaded with many new and exciting features, 3D Graphics, new constumes, postitions, stages as well as it can be run on MacOS & Windows.

Kasumi Rebirth v3.25c

Kasumi Rebirth is very simple to play. You can enjoy seeing her various reactions by clicking or dragging the cursor over the part you want to touch, for example, when you want to lift up her skirt, drag the flap upwards and move it to the side. When you want to rub the breasts, click and drag the cursor around and around...
We took the time and created elaborately simple, direct operation. No irritating rules or inane prerequisites, you can enjoy touching and even more right away.

You can play the game in its entirety without needing to complete any objectives beforehand, just click or drag. Go ahead and touch, touch!

New Features Of Kasumi Rebirth v3.25:

  • Multiple Constumes & Hair Styles
  • Indian "Blouseless Saree" Constume
  • Reverse Mode: You can rotate her and have more fun
  • Voice Added: she makes squeaks and sounds when you touch her.
  • Reactions to Interactivity: She’ll react to whatever action you perform with a wide range of expressions.
  • Multiple Ways to strip: From fully dressed to completely nude. You can play it in your favorite way!
  • Single And Double handed modes: you can use both hands to rape her.
  • And Various Mischiefs: You tickle her, she laughs out and much more...
The most important feature of Kasumi rebirth v3.25 is that unlike Kasumi Rebirth v3.1, it can run on Mac OS too. In Gameplay, it comes with new positions, new constumes (including INDIAN constumes in Blouseless SAREE! ),  This game gives you all kind of enjoyment and in kasumi rebirth v3.25 has all the extra things you want. Kasumi Rebirth v 3.25 is the game of simulation as she feel hot when we touch her. This is really a fantastic game which gives a lot close to a real girl feel to us.You can enjoy seeing her various reactions by clicking or dragging the cursor over the part you want to touch. For example, when you want to lift up her skirt, drag the flap upwards and move it to the side. When you want to rub the breasts, click and drag the cursor around and around. By moving the scroll button of you mouse, you can move fingers in her private, A new guide panel assists you in play and displays different possible actions when MOUSE is over touchable points.This is not only the game which makes the things into normal but also makes the senses in to her grip. This is the fantastic version of the game where our real feelings will be tested by her, This is the main project of her to make our senses to take out in to her hand and make us to relay on her and do what ever we want. She gives out us pleasure to kick any where and also to touch any where. kasumi rebirth v3.25 comes with 3d means you can rotate the kasumi girl and see her all positions.

These are some of the reviews of kasumi rebirth v3.25, the players saying that When the first “Feel the Flash: Hardcore" came out, I became enthralled with it almost immediately, very impressed by the amount of detail and freedom you could take with the game, which was a rarity in such types of games at the time. Honestly, I didn’t think it could get any better, but I was wrong, and soon afterwards newer and better versions came out. But suddenly Sawatex halted updates and we thought that was the end of FFHC.

But Sawatex did the unexpected are released this incredible update. Its a huge jump from the last version (1.12c, I believe), adding quite a bit of interactivity, more detailed and fluid animations, more tease options (although a very select few were removed, a minor loss), as well as the introduction of anal sex into the series. The addition of a seiyuu to voice Kasumi heightens the experience dramatically, and what we’re left with is a product that was well worth the wait, and well worth every penny.If you are a fan of the series, you absolutely CANNOT pass this up. Those who are new to the series would do well to at least ask around about it, because this one is a real gem that you think about twice before passing up Kasumi Rebirth v3.25

Kasumi Rebirth v3.25 Screenshots:

Kasumi Rebirth v3.25 SPEC Requirements: (No Special Requirements)

OS : Windows2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
(Sorry but full version works only with Windows, not available on Macintosh.)

CPU : It recommends “Pentium4 1GHz” class or higher.
(If performance is low on your PC, it can work better by adjustment of window size and image quality etc, etc.)

Processing Spike Control.
(Animation aspects regarding full body motion and blur are more demanding on the CPU, if these aspects slow down  gameplay, they may be disabled though the settings panel.)




File Size: 3.06MB
Version: v3.25
Developer: Sawatex
License Type: Trial
Startup: Browser/HTML
Gameplay: Demo/Trial/Limited Features
Price: $0.00


File Size: 37.4MB
Version: v3.25
Developer: Sawatex
License Type: Cracked
Startup: Executable
Gameplay: Full Version, Cracked by SKIDROW 
Price: $19.21 FREE! (A short survey may be required -Refer below for more info.)


For Updated Version(v3.27), please refer to this site
[ aller à ce site pour la version mise à jour (v3.27) ]

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Bad News: We are warned about copyright infringements by the authorities of the game, so this blog will be taken down by this weekend. Any new releases will be updated in our private forums. 

Also, we have put a password on the archive to ensure that it will not be mass abused by link spreading bots(google backlinks), which may encourage Sawatex to develop stronger license for their upcoming versions which would be difficult to crack.

To get the password, you just have to complete a quick survey. 

Good News: Password link is given inside the download package: Follow the instructions to download:

1. Follow the link given in Password.txt
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3. Choose anyone which you get simple.
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